What are your binge watching?I feel like I’ve watched all the good shows - so I need suggestions. What are you binging and why do you recommend it?
I’m stuck in the narrative of my parents being ill equipped to raise children, and how their trauma landed on us hard. This story I started writing…
Even as we regret who we haven’t become, we can value who we are.
The "at-least" side of regretsWe’ve had those moments where we regret a major decision. Mine was getting involved with my now second ex-husband. I negate some of that regret …
Leave Your Regrets in the PastListen now (8 min) | Regrets hold you captive in a past you cannot change and keeps you imagining a future that will never be
You are disappointed when expectations where not met by something or someone. Regret is a feeling of sadness about something wrong or about a mistake…
Introducing From Regrets to a Life on PurposeListen now (6 min) | What is this podcast about and who should listen. Let's take our regrets and use them for good!
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From Regrets to a Life on Purpose